The role of the GP in the provision of antenatal and post-natal care:

Most pregnant women will be involved in what is known as ‘shared care’, with a midwife or the hospital consultant acting as the lead clinician.  GPs have the following role in your care during and after pregnancy:

Although your midwife will undertake most of the routine management of your pregnancy, your GP will be available for general medical problems and any more urgent problems that arise at this time.

Some GPs see women at regular intervals during the pregnancy.  Your midwife will advise you if this is recommended.

Your midwife may recommend you see your GP if she has a particular concern during the pregnancy.

The doctors at the hospital usually do the first check on your baby, within the first 24 hours of birth.  However your GP may be asked to do this if you leave the hospital before it is done, or have a home delivery.

Your GP will do a 6-week ‘post-natal check’ at the surgery.  This involves an examination of your baby and a discussion with yourself.  GPs do not generally do a genital examination at this stage, unless you have problems or concerns. 

This is also an opportunity to discuss how you are feeling in yourself and to decide on future contraception needs.  Your Health Visitor will advise you on how to book this check.